Damask Community Outreach
Youth Programme Damask welcomes local young people to its ‘After-School’ and evening groups which provide a programme of activities and leadership training. Damask also engages with young people on the Lisburn streets encouraging them to take part in a constructive programme More information and contact details
Damask  Community  Outreach
Damask Community Outreach was set up in 2011 to meet the ever changing needs of the local community through a range of support services and activities for young and old. It is part of Seymour Street Methodist Church and works in collaboration with Advice NI, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, Youth Initiatives, and other local community support groups.
Senior Citizens Damask organises a monthly ‘Tea Dance’ and also links with the Seymour Street Lunchean Club to provide a fortnightly ‘Chair Pilates’ fitness group. Other activities for Senior Citizens are organised from time to time. More information and contact details
Advice and Support Damask offers a free Advice Service. We provide GENERAL ADVICE on issues such as benefits, housing, incapacity, family issues and personal finance, provided by a professionaly qualified adviser. A COUNSELLING Service is also available. More information and contact details
Toddlers & Carers The weekly group for carers with toddlers provides free playtime, organised craft activities and a welcome opportunity for socialising. More information and contact details
NEW DAMASK ONLINE SHOP To replace our fundraising Car Boot Sale you can now arrange to purchase donated items from our online Shop on this website. ALL ITEMS SOLD AT AMAZING KNOCKDOWN PRICES Please tell your friends and spread the word!! More information and contact details
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